Student Life: Georgie Willmore, London College Of Fashion

Georgie Willmore
George Willmore

Name: Georgie Willmore
University: London College of Fashion
Course: Fashion Public Relations and Communication

Twitter: @GeorgieWillmore
LinkedIn: Georgie Willmore

Why did you choose to study PR?
Throughout various work experience and personal projects before I applied to university, I had been practicing PR before I even knew what it was! I’ve always had an interest in both fashion and music and had tried my hand at all of the practical stuff. I love that PR can be as crazy and creative as you want and it’s constantly evolving. Although I might not necessarily end up working in fashion, studying at LCF allows me to keep that creativity and transfer it to other industries; as opposed to a generic degree in PR or marketing which might be more restricted. 

What has your course involved?
My course only requires me to attend 2 days a week, which means lots of spare time to intern! We have around 2 projects a term, one contextual (fashion and culture based) and one PR specific. I’m only in first year, but so far my class has worked with lots of upcoming brands and designers on live briefs; collating our own brand reports and constructing our own campaigns. 

What has been the most interesting aspect of studying PR?
We have a lot of industry talks which are very insightful. I’ve found it interesting to immerse myself in the PR world and discover how it all works, mainly from the experience my degree has allowed time for outside of university. 

I am looking to find a placement within a record label or music PR agency

Will you do an industry placement?
My course allows a 3 month placement in industry during second year. I am looking to find a placement within a record label or music PR agency, as I already have a lot of experience in fashion and I’d like to explore music a bit more.

Have you any other PR experience?  
I’ve interned in house for Marks and Spencer and Lipsy London, as well as various small music and fashion projects. I’ve got an internship lined up within Capital FM and Global Radio’s PR agency for September which I’m looking forward to. I try and intern as much as I can around term time, as experience is the most important aspect. 

What are your aspirations for after university?
After studying and working in fashion for 5 years, I would love to start a career in PR within the music industry- and see where I go from there! 

it is so important to use your initiative

Who is your PR inspiration?
Not PR specific, but I really admire Simon Cowell. He began working within a record label as a post boy, handing out his CV to everyone that worked there asking for a better job. Now he is one of the most successful people within entertainment and it all started from determination and hard work. I think that is something all PR students can learn a lot from; it is so important to use your initiative and do everything it takes to get a head start! 

Which PR blogs, news sites and websites do you read?
PR Week and The Media Eye are my favourites, as I’m interested in popular culture and everything commercial. Fashion Monitor is great for contacts and updates.

get as much experience as you can

What are your tips for A level students considering a PR degree
Intern intern intern! A degree is an amazing achievement, but it will be experience that sets you apart. Seek out email addresses, use LinkedIn, talk to people and get as much experience as you can. 

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